Making a positive difference for a better future

Recently I was able to be part of an amazing group of leaders who partnered with school principals of the needy public schools with the aim of making a difference in our education system. This program known as Partners for Possibility is facilitated by Symphonia for South Africa, a non-profit organisation that works collaboratively towards meeting the educational challenges facing South Africa.

My involvement in the programme led me to adopt Kingsway Secondary School which is situated in Benoni. I formed a partnership with the principal of the school Mr Skhosana. The aim is not just to better the lives of learners, but the community as well. We believe in providing a healthier environment to the younger generation, which we hope will lead to a positive and promising future.

I always made a difference to the school by showing up with energy, confidence, understanding and a willingness to offer my time to listen to them. I was amazed by how much of a difference I made by just showing up with a smile.

Serving the school with love and compassion during the uncertain times of Covid-19

When the schools re-opened in July, we did our part in the battle against the spread of Corona Virus by donating reusable, washable cloth masks to the school. This helped in a fight to curb the spread of Covid-19 amongst learners and teachers. Together with Youth at Work, we managed to donate 400 masks to the school. School principal, Mr Skhosana and his staff were delighted and grateful for the support that we showed. He mentioned that the donation will go a long way in helping to safeguard them against the Covid-19 disease, and it will ensure that learners and teachers are safe.

We believe that this donation will ensure that learners can complete their school year successfully while being protected. This was another way to support the school and do our part in protecting the society.

Developed and donated school values board to Kingsway Secondary School         

It is extremely relevant and important for the school to have values so that the learners can start to live by them. The values will help learners understand right from wrong and shape their minds and behaviour.

I collaborated with Education is our Future, a non-profit organisation that is based in Johannesburg, to assist in the production of the value board for the school. I and Perle Greenberg from Education is our Future met with Mr Skhosana on Wednesday 12 August 2020 to do the handover of the school values. The Principal was ecstatic and very proud! The value board is featured up on the wall when entering the school offices.

Education is our Future suggested that the students not only need to be aware of the values, but they need to understand them. Hence the decision was to display the values as well as their definitions to ensure that they are understood.

An exercise for the Future is to get the students more aware and to create some excitement and creativity, around these values. One of these was to selectct a grade and make them wear t-shirts displaying the different values. A day will be organised, whereby the students each wearing a different value T-shirt, will interview each other and do exercises that are most enjoyable and educational. By doing this, we are preparing for the next generation, inspiring them to learn beyond the course material and helping them to become confident.

This marks one of the many ways Multotec is investing in education and giving back to the community. We believe that if we can make contributions to build a school, it will benefit many people for years to come.

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