Multotec Learnership 2020 Graduations

Developing skills the right way…

Multotec held two graduation ceremonies during November for internal employees and external learners. As always, we are very proud of our graduates, as they are shining examples of endurance and dedication.

Respective managing directors from across all Multotec companies, including our Group CEO, Thomas Holtz, were present at the graduations and presented the certificates for their departments.

Mentors who have played a big role in the graduates’ journey through the learnerships also came along to witness and celebrate with the learners.

We had 35 graduations for internal employees and 17 graduates from external learners.

Thank you, Multotec Management, for stimulating growth in our employees!

Speech from one of the learner representatives:

The Class of 2019 Injection Moulding Plastic Manufacturing NQF Level 3

My name is Nhlanhla Sydney Zikhali. I am currently working at the injection moulding department as a big machine operator. I am one of the learners studying Injection Moulding Plastic Manufacturing NQF Level 3.

The learnership that was completed in 2019 covered 9 different programs.

To mention and summarise a few:

1. Machine operation: we are machine operators, for years we have had the experience, but we didn’t know what was happening within the machine. Now we know the whole process from the hopper to the barrel; where it divides into 3 sections – the feeding zone – compression and the metering zone up; all the way to the final product, after going through screening panels.

2. Solving conflicts: if there is some misunderstanding between two parties or more, whether it is in our working areas, communities or even in our homes, we are now able to calm such situations, and understand that fighting is the last option which you only do in self-defence.

3. Raw-material: we have ±40 different types of materials in the plastic industry. Now we know the quality materials and the reasons for pre-heating materials before use, as well as the importance of the batch number, etc.

4. Time management: the importance of managing time is very important to us as operators, as to be consistent in our machines, improving our production quantity. It also helps in picking up defects immediately, to avoid scrap and, at the same time, to pack good quality products.

5. Electronic data capturing: (the use of computers) as we all know technology is moving fast and we are now operating digitally. This is the fourth industrial revolution.

Words of encouragement and appreciation

I would like to encourage all employees in our branches and all different departments at Multotec to grab these opportunities and study. They always say experience is the best teacher, and this is true.

Most employees at Multotec have the experience but they don’t have the references or the certificates to support that. This is a lifetime opportunity, let’s grab it with both hands. To be honest, in other situations, it is not easy to pay for your studies, because a lot of money is needed.

We have Thembisile Mvemve, a very sweet and intelligent young woman. If you need any advice, she is always there for you and I am a witness on that. We also thank Janine James and her staff. Education does not have alfa and omega; it does not end. You learn until you die, age is a number.

We thank you Multotec a million times. Viva Multotec Viva.

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