Not just another brick in the wall…

Many would think that MPE’s Technology Division is just a place where we play with mud, holed up in our little corner. That is not always true! We play with mud, yes, but sometimes we also need to put our “sales hats” on. 

Some customers approach us directly, in which case we are the face of Multotec. Even if there’s a specific technology a potential customer needs that isn’t supplied by Multotec, we are still selling something: the Multotec brand, and its core values. We want to ensure that the customer remembers us when stepping out the door. We need to impress them with an exceptional level of service, integrity and professionalism, so that they will speak highly of Multotec in the industry. 

Jeantelle Rust, R&D Engineer, MPE Technology Division

And it’s not just direct customers; by building good relationships with our suppliers, external laboratories, etc., we also have the opportunity to create positive messages about Multotec in the industry. Whether we realise it or not, the mining industry is a small one and the more customers we can get to buy into the Multotec brand, the better for business. A good word goes a long way. 

We have been fortunate to have repeat customers in terms of test work. Chrome Traders, Prospect Resources, ENC Minerals, Royal Bafokeng Platinum, Glencore are among them. I believe that it is a combination of good service and trust in the Multotec brand which keep us as a go-to supplier of these services.

If we live by the Multotec core values, we will ensure that this great company stays a cut above the rest. At the end of the day, the service we provide to the customers distinguishes us from our competitors. 
We can’t control everything in the business environment – and 2020 has certainly served up its share of curveballs. However, let’s focus on the things we do have control over, which is how we treat our customers. The wins will follow.

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