Performance excellence is our goal

The Polyurethan Casting and Flotation Departments broke all previous sales records – and during lockdown too.

Team members' penned their experience...

This year has been a challenging year for each and every person.

SA began level 5 lockdown 27 March 2020 and it was a very uncertain time for all of us. But we were not allowed to think on it for too long as on 16 April we were called back to work. This is because Multotec is recognised as an essential service provider to the mining industry, locally and internationally.

We were blessed with a big order book and the PU and Flotation teams, under the leadership of business unit manager Sibusiso Ntwana, started working at getting the orders completed. Through dedication and hard work, every member of these teams gave their all, and more, to ensure we made quality products on time.  

This while keeping safe, wearing masks, sanitising our hands and working surfaces, as well as keeping to social distancing. We were encouraged and monitored by Exco team members who made sure we were working in a safe environment.

We reached our target for the first time in May, and we were glad. Then we reached our target for the second month in June and were even challenged by Werner Stessl to do more. And we then did more than was expected of us. By the third month we were unstoppable as we went big, and even broke a long-standing record of R15 200 000 to a new record of R16 500 000. We gave our all to make sure we got to target, proving that a team that works together gets good results together.      

We celebrated in the traditional Multotec and South African way: A braai. 

Thanks to Amanda Unila and Rhodes Nelson, as they found a place big enough where we could get together in a safe social distancing way in the woodshop. We were rewarded with golf shirts and great food and beverage.

A great thanks to our supporting teams – procurement, inventory, packaging, despatch, costing, drawing office, QC, MI Africa, exports and of course, most important of all, our sales team represented by Gerrit van den Heever and internal sales.

It is a proud achievement for PU and Flotation, and a legacy we will always look  back upon. We managed to excel in the most challenging times of 2020. It goes to prove that if your plan does not work, change your plan, but never your goal.  #AdaptAndLead 


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